Monique V. Hines, Author

Monique Venetta Hines is the President and CEO of Right Way Living LLC. Her company’s mission is to teach others how a spiritually centered lifestyle can manifest into prosperity. It is not simply for financial gain but prosperity in our health, relationships, finances, and overall well-being. It is a brand for a positive lifestyle. Some of its goals are to inspire, nourish, uplift, encourage and motivate others. People need to be shown how to live right by activating their faith through God, Monique usually said. She started Right Way Living LLC as a result of her spirituality and faith in God. Through spiritual assessments, self- awareness and continued self- development, her businesses evolved. She is constantly pouring positivity back into her spirit. Her motto–we can accomplish anything to which we have set our minds as long as we strive to do it right! The impossible is possible.

Monique has changed her mind set, as she believes the key to success is reprogramming the mindset of the individual. In doing so, she has become an agent for change! In order to break through educational and social barriers, she had to push and strive forward. She became a student of her past experiences in order to grow personally and professionally. Monique is unique in that she stands ready to learn and work. According to Monique, one’s spiritual houses have to be in order before dreams can be realized.

Through RSG Publishing LLC, Monique sought to publish her first non-fiction work titled, Moving Forward: Walking in Faith…Not Fear. After surviving a near death experience, and having a new lease on life, she decided to enlighten others through her testimonials and relevant scriptures of support, using this book as the vehicle. In her book, she will write of her struggles as a single mom with four children and how she had to overcome fear and replaced it with faith. By branding herself and her company, Monique has demonstrated by faith (Future, Assurance, Interactive, Tenacity, and Humility), ALL things are possible. She believes that when one is walking, talking, operating, functioning, and utilizing her or his gifts, s/he fulfills her or his destiny. Furthermore, she believes it is a tragedy for one to live life and not come into the realization of her or his purpose on earth.

In addition to Right Way Living LLC, Monique has created a subsidiary, Ocean 7. Both companies were founded in 2015, but Ocean 7 is within the hospitality industry. It specializes in gourmet style cooking with a specialty in seafood cuisine, and has received stellar reviews from customers.

Monique’s next book will be titled In the Pursuit of God’s Truth.



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